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IT AMC Dubai

Best AMC Service for your IT systems

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) ensures total protection and care of your IT systems. You no need to worry about any IT problems or maintenance, leave everything to our expert IT engineers, they are well trained, well experienced and working as tech since long years.

Our IT AMC in Dubai provides Regular assessment and scheduled maintenance. what is the result ? your IT systems becomes more durable and functional. IT AMC can be only for some computers, to the network system or the entire IT systems, we are ready to have a contract with your business.

IT AMC in Dubai : Our Specialties

1. Experienced Tech Team

Our technicians are more than 15 years experienced. They knows the IT systems very well, your benefit ? your systems are running all the time with best performance

2. Clear Communication

We don't offer you what we don't do, We talk about reality, we works on what we offer you, our IT AMC will clearly mention what we provides and what we not, this avoids any further issues.

3. Fast and Responsive

We assure zero down time of your IT systems, we respond as early as possible.

4. Online / Onsite Support

We support online if the problems can be fixed though remote support. This helps our customers to make their issues solved quickly. Our technician will visit the site immediately if online support doesn't help to fix the issues.

5. Cost Effective

Our IT AMC charges are competitive. We maintain standard cost table that benefits our customers more affordable for better services

6. Beyond Service Level

We give options, recommendations, enhancement tips and more to our customers as free add on services

7. Best Tools and Solutions

There are many tools and solutions to be used in IT AMC, our policy assures these are among the best, updated and durable.


Yes, IT AMCs can often be customized to meet the specific requirements of an organization. ITZ  offers different tiers or packages with varying levels of support and coverage, allowing clients to choose the most suitable option.

IT AMC pricing is typically based on factors such as the scope and complexity of the IT infrastructure, the number of devices or systems covered, the level of support required, and the duration of the contract. Pricing can be customized based on the specific needs of our client.

The specific exclusions can vary depending on the contract, but generally, the following items may not be covered under an IT AMC:

  1. Replacement of consumables like ink cartridges, toner, paper, etc.

  2. Upgrades or enhancements to the existing IT infrastructure.

  3. Any repair or replacement resulting from user negligence or intentional damage.

  4. Software licensing costs unless explicitly mentioned in the contract.

The coverage of an IT AMC can vary depending on the agreement, but generally, it includes preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, repairs, software updates, hardware replacements (if necessary), system monitoring, and technical support for the covered IT assets.

Some benefits of having an IT AMC include:

  1. Proactive maintenance: Regular maintenance helps identify and resolve potential issues before they become major problems, minimizing downtime and improving system reliability.

  2. Cost-effective: An IT AMC often provides a fixed-cost arrangement, allowing businesses to budget their IT expenses more effectively and avoid unexpected repair or replacement costs.

  3. Technical support: Having access to technical support from the IT service provider can help resolve IT issues quickly, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operations.

  4. Expertise and knowledge: IT service providers have specialized knowledge and expertise to handle various IT systems and technologies, ensuring that your systems are properly maintained and optimized.

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