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Office Telephone Solution Dubai

ipbx system dubai

High Quality Office Telephone Solution for your Perfect Business in Dubai

Our super class PABX phone solution assures world class telecommunication system to your business, every call is important, this needs to treat in a modern and systematic way. Our reasonable solution helps business to create seamless communication.

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IPBX / PABX  helps organizations to improve efficiency of internal and outbound communication through the network connectivity. No matter whether your organization has multiple lines in different numbers and multiple users, we have all level of solutions that will help your organizations communication better and efficient.

10 Important benefits of having a perfect telephone solution in your office

  1. Interactive Voice Response (IVR): This auto attendant system directs call to specific department or to receptionist if caller doesn’t no the extension
  2. Ring Groups: can add many extensions into a group. This guides phones to ring in order / at the same time when a specified call comes in.
  3. Automatic Ring Back: Enables users to pre-dial a busy phone line and receive a ring back as soon as the line is free.
  4. Speed Dialing: employees can create shortcut call key numbers or important address book contacts they communicate regularly.
  5. Conference Call: Connect multiple numbers in one call.
  6. Call Recording: Records calls and keep archived, this needs permission prior to the call through an auto inform system
  7. Voicemail: voice mail helps to leave a short voice so that employee can understand the importance of those missed calls
  8. Call Waiting: Can handle multiple call at a time using this feature
  9. Call Forwarding: Call can be routed to other numbers.
  10. Do Not Disturb (DND): when enabled all the call can be block automatically

PBX Common FAQ

A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange system for specific business purposes. PBX connects incoming telephone lines to a group of internal numbers (extensions) inside a business. it is a phone system with many extensions and can manage with auto attendant system or a reception main phone unit.
Prices depends on the brand you chosen, number of telephone units, and premise cabling and other infrastructure availability, contact us to get an exact price for your requirements

We need only one day or less to complete the setup if all the cabling and power facility is ready at the premise. else this increases depends on the site condition and requirements 

There are many brands which provides best results, all the brands has its own Pros and Cons, We need to assess your requirement to suggest a best brand for you, contact us now

Yes, but selected PBX system must have recording option  and need additional license from local authority. Caller must be informed this call will be recorded. 

can use 2 to 256 or even more depends on the PBX, IPBX system, network, and additional cards installed

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